Looking for advice on large scale mass casualty events? Not sure where to find actors? How many do you need? Need moulage artists? How detailed should you get? 

In this episode the guys dig in to the planning process with insight based on their own successes and failures with multi-patient and multi-agency events. 


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-Will and Dave

The Sim Geeks break from their normal content to release an interview that was recorded at IMSH2020 with Phillip Wortham of CAMLS. Follow along as Phillip takes us through his journey from SimTech in Colorado to Director of Operations at a major sim center in Florida. 

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-Will and Dave

We are back!

After an unexpected hiatus (details inside) the SimGeeks take on a topic they are both extremely passionate about... 3D Printing! What printer should you buy, how does it work, is it expensive, what materials do you need, where do you find printable files? It's all here in our longest episode yet. So grab a beverage and settle in or maybe jump in your car for a nice sunset cruise while the Sim Geeks answer your 3D printing questions.

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  • Where to get files: 

    • Thingiverse.com,
    • https://3dprint.nih.gov/ 3d National institute of health print exchange (Thank you Megan @ St. Lukes!)
    • https://www.embodi3d.com/ (Again Thank you Megan)
    • Polyunity.com - Saw  Polyunity at IMSH. interesting startup
    • My Mini Factory - Fun stuff/gaming
    •  Make your own, ETC

Printing Problems links- 





 Filament Guides:

https://www.makerbot.com/stories/design/3d-printing-materials/ (Thank you Dan Robinson!)


Happy Holidays from the SimGeeks Podcast crew! No matter what you are celebrating we hope you're enjoying time with your family and friends!

In this episode Will and Dave chat about their own past, present and future as makers and how it relates to simulation. Whether you consider yourself a full blown maker or you are just dipping your toes into the DIY side of simulation; join us for some project ideas and hopefully gain a few resources that may make your journey a little easier.

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The guys take on the challenge of getting learners to pull their hands out of their pockets and put them on the patient.  An episode built entirely around a listener's comment.

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-Will and David

The guys take about 15 minutes to debate the use of "High Fidelity" as a buzzword before laying out their biggest simulation pet peeves. 

Welcome to the SimGeeks Podcast! Join us for a quick intro from Will and Dave that explains some of what we hope to accomplish. 

Our goal is to address all things simulation in a relaxed and entertaining format. Come along with us as we grow SimGeeks into your favorite place to discover new simulation topics and make new friends.

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