You read that correctly! IMSH is free to all SSH members who do not require CEUs and its only $250 for members who are looking for an inexpensive way to build up their education hours.

Not a member? No problem, there are two options for registering that include an annual membership at a discounted rate so its $150 for membership and conference registration if you don't need the hours and $400 if you need the certificates to prove you attended!

There's a bit more information in this super short 7-ish minute announcement so fire it up and listen to this one while stuck in line at the coffee shop.

-Will and Dave

Looking for a fun and FREE way to learn new subjects or dive deeper into your current role? In walks MOOC or Massive Open Online Courses. The guys are here to tell you what they are, how they can help you, and where you can find them... Did we mention they are FREE?

So settle in for a quick ride and while you're at it please let us know what you think about our new music!

-Will and Dave

Have you ever wished you could just make a body part for use as a task trainer or prop? Do you sometimes get frustrated with the high cost of consumables and replacement parts in simulation? INTRODUCING... LIFECASTING! The answer to (almost) all of your anatomical part envy! Just prepare the part you wish to recreate, add these simple ingredients, support it as necessary and WALLA you'll be cranking out arms, legs, faces and even entire torsos in no time!


The guys are back to share their love of making anatomical models and task trainers by using life casting to copy body parts from living humans. This episode will get you started with a basic shopping list, tips and tricks for success, and advice on how to do it all safely!


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Welcome back! In this episode the guys are joined by Megan Augustine of St. Luke's to discuss how makers came together in a variety of ways during the COVID19 pandemic. 


Do you know of a great DIY/Maker project that has come out of the pandemic? Share it with us via social media! 


-Will and David

And we now return to our regularly scheduled content.... This week on the SimGeeks Podcast the guys debate whether or not allowing the manikin to die in a simulation is an acceptable practice... but wait there is more! The one and only Ed Rovera joins the cast to play moderator and occasionally drop some hardcore truth bombs about death in simulation... It wouldn't be a SimGeeks episode without going off topic once (or four times) so fill up your popcorn and plastic cups, grab your ringside seats and join us for another fun filled hour of SimGeeks Rock-em Sock-em nonsense!

-Will and Dave

Whoa, it has been a long time! We promise there is a good reason and this episode is going to talk a little about that. SGUSA or SimGhosts Dallas is now SimGhosts Global Experience and we have all the details. This one is short and to the point so fire it up on your drive home and hear all the reasons you won't want to miss this opportunity!


-Will and Dave

The guys are joined by Nick Brauer to discuss cleaning and disinfecting your lab and everything in it. COVID19 is very much a concern for everyone involved in healthcare right now but the information contained in this episode will remain relevant long after the current pandemic has slowed. 

All of the items referenced in this episode will be added to this list as well as any other useful resources that are sent our way so please check back often and feel free to contribute.

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- Will and Dave

Resources and links: (PDF guide still to come!)

Building on last week's Moulage Basics the guys start into the basics of using silicone for prosthetics and task trainers. This episode will take you from learning what silicone is and what types are available through to where to get it, how to start using it and even how to paint it. 

Silicone will be another topic that comes up again and again so if you have a specific question you'd like us to answer please hit us up on social email or through the Podbean app!



Will and Dave 


Join us for a quick review of moulage pigments and application methods in the first episode of a multi-part moulage series.

This episode dives into several pigment based makeups that we enjoy using ranging in price from a few bucks up to the professional level products. Application methods are also covered at a variety of price points from cotton swabs to airbrushing. 

Think we missed something? Let us know your tips, tricks or opinions on moulage! 

The review:

This is the quick and dirty version. There is MUCH more to talk about. Just a quick couple notes to go with what we went over in the show. 

    • Safety - Never takes a vacation (Thank you Thingergy)

      • Your safety - Is key. Don’t underestimate it.
      • Role-Players
        • Cold concrete can cause Hypothermia even in 90+ degrees
        • Emotional Safety is important. Explain everything
      • Impalements - Dont strap unsafe items to people
      • Allergies - Why would you even take a chance? Don’t chance someone’s health
      • Don’t double dip/Cross Contamination - Especially Cream and RMG
      • Buy from reputable sources. 
    • Learning objectives are all that matter
    • Don’t be afraid to say no! (amputations) - Don’t “Hide the leg” if the treatment pathway is the same, go with less materials, and time. 


  • Possible upcoming video on some of this to support an upcoming conference - keep an eye out



  • Cream makeup - Ben Nye, Mehron, Etc. Good but transfers. Good around eyes

    • You can thin with Isopropyl Alcohol to make washes
  • RMG - Rubber Mask Grease Paint - Cream with castor oil - Sticks well to latex
  • Alcohol Paints - Not cheap, but AWESOME. Doesn’t transfer when dry. 
    • Skin Illustrator, EBA, Reel Creations
  • Tinsley Studios Makes great stuff!

Looking for advice on large scale mass casualty events? Not sure where to find actors? How many do you need? Need moulage artists? How detailed should you get? 

In this episode the guys dig in to the planning process with insight based on their own successes and failures with multi-patient and multi-agency events. 


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-Will and Dave

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