In this episode, we welcome back our very first guest, Phillip Wortham to the podcast. This episode was recorded live and in-person from SimOps 2021 in Phil's office! We were at the Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation, or CALMS for short, in beautiful Tampa, FL. It was the very first time your two hosts have been able to record an episode together. We shot video for the episode, and it's posted on our YouTube channel, but the main camera's video file corrupted. Instead of seeing us, you get the benefit of seeing some great video of the facility, and SimOps 2021, and the wonderful vendors. I obviously have a lot more to learn about recording video. The light behind the vendors was murder on the white balance!


Mr. Wortham is among other things a site reviewer for the Society for Simulation in Healthcare's sim center accreditation program. Accreditation is something many simulation centers aspire to achieve but it's a daunting task. Sometimes it is such a large task that some centers do not follow through, or do not even know where to begin. Here as the SimGeek's Podcast, we focus on taking those things that seem hard to do and show you have to approach them. From there We give you resources to follow through, and that is what we do in this episode. So kick back and listen to us talk about accreditation with Phil. It's not that difficult, let's show you. 


For further information on Accreditation go to:


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