This episode is one that I have wanted to do for a long time and Will was initially against it. So here is the disclaimer, if you are mad, it's David's Fault. We realize that there are a bunch of different names of our lovely fans out there, but there has been a huge argument in terminology. Even the day we recorded this episode, Dr. Scott Crawford let me know the reasons and the history of the name HSTS "Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist" and the story is fascinating! But we will leave that for a future episode. When I started in Simulation, and for the first 8.5 years I was officially a "Simtech". So when any other term was thrown at me it was so foreign. I have come to terms with the difference and invited a good friend Matthew Charnetski to chat with us about the topic. We filmed this at SimOps 2021 in Phillip Wortham's office, thank you Phil. We have been wanting to get Matt on for an episode because we knew it would be a great time. We were not disappointed, he will be back. So sit back and take a listen, let us know what you think. Love it, hate it, don't understand it, either way, give us a comment and let us know what you think. -David

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